Minun mielessäni ei ole mitään muuta kuin:

- Tee tällä vikolla animaatiot valmiiksi, biisitkin!
- Kuvaa värifilmit
- Lainaa kamera ja mikki av-kioskista ja odota (ikuisuus) mustarastaiden tuloa
- Piirrä luonnoskirjaa, eli aloita sen piirtäminen vihdoin
- Kirjoita statement.

Luulen, että tunnen oloni vapaaksi kuukauden päästä.

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what really sucks, is knowning that it wont be alright, and you know this is how it will be. even though u cant, you want to as much as u can change it, change it, back to how it was, back to when you were happy, and back to when it didnt seem like much at first, but when you realaize it, it was more than words could ever explain. and thats when you realize, everything has gone to hell, and nothing is going good at all. you can only think about it and it grows more and more.

Stupid Stupid Silly People

You can't. CANNOT, compare a book to a film or vise versa.
They are completely different. Thats like me comparing Jell-O to Shoes. Just doesn't work.

ohhhhhh shit, I forgot to do work tonight.
And by work I mean It's too late now cause i need to sleep to get rid of this cold.

Об антисемитизме

Вот какой забавный диалог можно найти в одном интересном интервью:

В: А как бы Вы прокоментировали такие слова А.Н.Крылова – они довольно странно выглядят – из его речи памяти Мандельштама (22.12.44): "Леонид Исаакович был еврей. Есть много евреев, которые следуют буквально железному правилу Ветхого завета Моисея и пророков: "Око за око, зуб за зуб", выкованному тысячелетиями преследований, исходивших от государственных властей, от рабства, от инквизиции, от герцогов, от феодалов. Две тысячи лет тому назад раздался голос великого идеалиста, провозгласившего новый завет: "Любите врагов ваших; если тебя ударят по левой щеке, подставь и правую". Все читают эти слова, никто им не следует; не следовал им и Леонид Исаакович, но во многом к этому идеалу приближался. Конечно, он не любил врагов своих, но по высоте и чистоте его характера у него их почти и не было. ...Да будет земля ему пухом, ибо праведник он был!" [Академик Л.И.Мандельштам. К 100-летию со дня рождения. М., 1979. С.85-6]

Насколько я знаю, была загадочная, поразительная вспышка антисемитизма в середине войны?

О: Да. Эти вспышки всегда бывают, в данный момент тоже – вспышка. Тогда была еще хуже.


Today I woke up early to go to Hollywood Studios with Cristyn & Jill. We went to look for celebrities because the American Idol Experience VIP grand opening was today and a ton of them were there! We only saw Bucky Covington for about a second, and almost got to see Carrie Underwood on Tower of Terror! I had to work though so I couldn't stay for the motorcade with all of the idols, and apparently the park closed for them and the press tonight so I'm really jealous! I was thinking maybe in the future it'd be fun to work at Tower of Terror...it's an awesome attraction! My friend Casey works there and it just seems really cool. I worked 3:15 to 9:15 tonight and was sent all over the place most of the night. I didn't end up getting home til a bit later and I packed and then went to a birthday party & then Crissa's for a little bit. I have to get up in less than 2 hours to get ready to catch the shuttle to the airport at 5 a.m.!! I'm going to Canada for four days, so hopefully I'll be able to blog from there!

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SO! i never update anymore im sosososo sorry but i have not had the internet for a while i've been using mobile IM on my phone and now my phone bill is over 400 dollars! horray! i suck at life!
anyways nothing tooooooooooooo fun has happened lately. well maybe some fun stuff, if you read shelbys livejournal you probablly know what i've been doing for the past couple weeks cause shes my only friend.

last night i went over megans and we made brownies! hahah. that was fun.
then today i stayed after school with meg and hung out with her and shelby and sam and cj and me and cj made babies!
right now im really tired and i love my pupppy and hes so cute and i'll have pictures eventually.
comments are always welcome